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In the field of prosthetics, we are specialized for all sorts of restorations. Read more...
In order to preserve the pulp undertake a series of measures. In the event that they do not prove effective, dental pulp removal (extraction of tooth nerve). Such treatment is called endodontic treatment of teeth. Read more...
Orthodontic treatment is not necessary only to have a beautiful smile, rather is beneficial for the entire stomatognathic system. Read more... 
Even though we primarily focus on treating teeth, surgical procedures are sometimes inevitable. Read more...
Sidex – Computer teeth scanning


In dental practice “H&MM”, opened in 1997 in Josipa Stadlera 8 Street, you will be greeted by amiable personnel, pleasant interior and highly equipped office (“Siemens” equipment imorted from Germany). The staff is lead by Dr. Merima Hrapovic-Memic, who can provide you with immediate sevice.

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